My First Week As A School Mum

So that time has finally arrived.  Our baby girl is starting school! It has come around far too quickly!

The first 3 days she had to go in 09:05-11:45 so we were literally walking backwards and forwards! She was very happy everytime we picked her up and no problems going in.  By day three she knew where all her stuff went and was even helping the others. 

Thursday she stayed for her first lunch.  She had spaghetti bolognaise and ice-cream!  She was over the moon that they had ice-cream! She was so happy that she could sit with her new friends and show her teacher how well she can use a knife and fork.

Friday was her first full day.  We were all pretty shattered by now so was glad that she had a long day!  She had a lovely first full day, told me that she had made some new friends,  ate all her lunch of fish fingers and chips but she was so tired, she could do with a rest.  

Our Princess had a lovely first week of school and has settled in beautifully.  We couldn’t be prouder ❤️


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