Is Technology Being Forced Upon Our Children?

When I was a child,  our televisions had 5 channels,  our computers did the very basics and laptops were owned by rich businessmen.  We didn’t use technology so much back then so why do we rely on it so much now?

Now we have computers pretty much built into our mobile phones.  You sit in a waiting room or walk down the street and I can bet you £1million pounds (if I had it!) that someone will be sending a text, tweeting or doing an insta story!   I know, I’m just as guilty because that is how we are programmed these days and so are our children.

Poppy, 5 years old,  can work a tablet better than I can!  She got one for her birthday and I made the decision to cap her time as I still want her to be a child.  I still want her to play with toys,  go out for walks and play in the park.  When I visited her classroom a few months ago, they have what is called an interactive board.  It’s basically a giant tablet! They don’t have white boards anymore.  My prediction is in years to come,  you won’t have school books anymore.  Each child will have a tablet and everything will be stored on there.  Their homework will be on there, school reports,  etc.  Which is great…..until is starts to crash or it gets broken.   Then what?!

I have seen 9 years old with the lastest IPhone.  Why does a 9 year old need an iPhone?!  To me,  that is a big no no.  There are so many weirdos out there and there are so many ways that they can reach children these days.  It is scary!! You don’t know who is on the other end of that phone or tablet.

It’s the world we live in these days.  You are judged by what phone you have,  weather you have a tablet.  And it’s sad really but that’s is the way it is.


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